Remittances with Cell Phones

It is possible to do the remittances and track the personal financial matter by using the cell phones. There are companies that offer the remittance services like PayPal mobile and they permit you to set up an account and then use your cell phone for depositing funds into the account. You can also do the remittances directly from the account by using the cell phone. If you like to do the remittances from your cell phone and find it comfortable then you should have the Smart Phone with you as these services are available only for them. Some examples include iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

Remittances with Cell Phones The first step in sending remittance by cell phone includes setting up of account and downloading the mobile application. You can establish a PayPal account prior to downloading the mobile application. To achieve this, you can access the PayPal home page and begin by clicking the “Getting Started” link on the LHS of page. You can create an account and sign up by entering the personal information. You will also be required to set up the password for the account.

You can link your financial account to your PayPal account and also you can link a checking account, prepaid debit card, credit card, for doing remittances through your PayPal account. You may link one or more type of accounts depending upon your preferences. You will be required to submit information like name on the account, account number, and routing number for linking your account. PayPal will do the verification of your entered information and send a confirmation at your email address.

You should ensure that your cell phone supports PayPal mobile. You may select and download the mobile application by following the instructions written on website. Once you are done with creating your account, the next step is to activate your mobile account. You can create a personal identification number (PIN) while connecting to PayPal through your mobile phone. PayPal will do the verification of your phone number by sending you a SMS.

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