Various Ways Of Making Payment

You can make payment for the remittance in your bank in many ways as mentioned below.

(a) Certified Personal Check or Personal Check – This check needs to be drawn on the account and should be payable to the branch of bank from where you are sending money.

Various Ways Of Making Payment (b) Cashier’s Check – This payment method involves the check to be purchased from your account and it should be payable to branch of bank from where you are sending money. You should ensure that your name is printed on the check.

(c) Wire Transfer – This method involves the wire transfer from your account. The account number and routing number are used for sending money in this case.

(d) ACH Debit Authorization – This method involves the debit of money from account upon the authorization through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH refers to an electronic processing facility that allows the bank to debit (or credit) an account with another bank. It acts as an electronic substitute for checks in the banks. The form used requires you to fill the information related to the bank account including the bank’s routing number and account number that is available on the check.

(e) Account Debit – In case user has maintained an account with the branch of the bank, he can authorize the bank to debit that account.

(f) Cash – Customer can also make the payment in person up to $2500.

(g) Debit or Credit Card – Banks can also charge the valid debit or credit card up to amount of $5000 if customer comes in person for sending money and up to $1000 when customer applies by mail or fax. Banks usually accept only Visa and MasterCard. Customer can consult with the card issuer and get the details of cash advance charges incurred.

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