Sending Remittances Using Credit Card

Most of the remittance service providers accept deposit or remittance using only the bank accounts or by using online banking. In case, a customer does not have any bank account, he/she can still send money to the relatives online by making use of credit cards. You need to apply for a free account with PayPal as it is very popular payment method that is accepted everywhere in the world. It is easy to send and receive money with PayPal; however you should ensure that you are not sending the remittance illegally. Once your application for opening the PayPal account is approved, the banking information or credit card information is added to it.

Sending Remittances Using Credit Card After that, you need to search for a third party payment method and then apply for free account. You are required to add your credit card or banking information which should be the same as provided while creating the PayPal account. You may set your credit card or banking account as the primary source of payment in the PayPal account and you can also set the similar information in your third party account. Once you have set up your third party account and PayPal accounts with the similar information, you can start add your recipient name in your third party account. Now you can initiate sending money to your added beneficiary. The PayPal can be your source of payment if you have good enough balance in the PayPal account and you can also select any other form of income source if you have no balance in your PayPal account.

You can also read the charges applied carefully before considering any online transaction. The credit cards in particular charges high interest rate if you are sending remittances overseas as compared to the bank account. You should know the details of all the charges and make comparison by yourself.

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